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 Spider-man 3 news
These are the first posters to be released for next years Spider-man 3 movie. Details are still sketchy at the moment, but rumours that spider-man's black alien costume will make an appearance are now confirmed in this black and white poster of the suit from the first 2 movies.

Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and James Franco will all reprise their roles with the addition of Thomas Haden Church as Sandman. Topher Grace is also set to appear as Eddie Brock who in the comics is taken over by the black alien suit and become the evil Venom.

More details and images will be added when they become available.

At the 2006 Comic-con a trailer for Spider-man 3 was shown that included scenes of Venom set to appear at the end of the movie. Below are a few screen captures from the video before it was removed from the internet.
Venom from the end of Spider-man 3 - capture 1
Venom from the end of Spider-man 3 - capture 2
Venom from the end of Spider-man 3 - capture 3

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