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 Remake Mania (Part 1)
With remakes and homage's all the rage at the moment both in films and music, nostalgia is everywhere. Recent years have given us serious movie remakes such as The Italian Job and Ocean's Eleven (both of which have now spawned sequels due in 2005!), tongue in cheek remakes like Starsky and Hutch and Charlie's Angels, but also remakes that should never had been attempted like The Ladykillers!

Never the less the trend continues, and here are a few examples of remakes due: -

  • Bewitched
  • The the success of supernatural series such as Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the recent Hex, witchcraft is all the rage at the moment. It was only a matter of time before this 60's comedy series about a newlywed man who's finds out his wife is a witch, resurfaced in one form or another. But will the combination of Nicole Kidman as Samantha, and Will Ferrel as Darrin actually work? The casting seems to be a mix of extremes, the Kidman not known for her comedic acting and Farrel bordering on the slapstick in most of his films. With a supporting cast including Shirley MacLaine (as Samantha's mother Endora) and Michael Caine, the film seems to be a strange combination of actors. At least there's bound to be plenty of the nose twitching that Elizabeth Montgomery made so famous in the original series.
  • I Dream of Jeannie
  • 60's TV series remake are like busses, they never turn up alone! This series told the story of a United States astronaut, who after crash landing on a desert island, stumbles upon to a bottle containing a female genie. Originally staring Barbara Eden and Larry Hagman, no casting has yet been confirmed for the new version, although both Jessica Simpson or Lindsay Lohan (Mean Girls, Freaky Friday) have been mentioned for the title role, which doesn't bode well for the film at all!
  • War of the Worlds
  • Even after a failed attempt to remake this classic 50's sci-fi movie as a series back in the 80's (in which they even managed to get Ann Robinson from the original movie to reprise her role), Steven Spielberg is still going to try again. With big names like Tom Cruise, Dakota Fanning and Tim Robbins already signed up we can only hope the film doesn't drift too far away from its classic original.
  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
  • Possibly the strangest news this year was when Tim Burton announced he'd be directing a remake of this 70's Gene Wilder family film. Based on the Roald Dahl book where young Charlie Bucket finds a golden ticket in a chocolate bar and hence wins the chance to tour the famous Chocolate Factory of Willy Wonka. The film will reunite Johnny Depp (as Willy Wonker) and Freddie Highmore (as Charlie) after their sucessful pairing in Finding Neverland. The supporting cast is also impressive including Helena Bonham Carter, James Fox and even Christopher Lee as Willy Wonker's Father! And yes the Oompa Loompa's will return!
  • The Dukes of Hazzard
  • Not such as serious remake by the look of the cast - Seann William Scott (Bulletproof Monk)and Johnny Knoxville (Men in Black 2) will take on the roles of the Duke boys of Hazzard County, with Jessica Simpson set to inherit the denim shorts of their cousin Daisy. With Burt Reynolds to play Boss Hogg, and Willie Nelson as the Duke boys Uncle Jesse, you can expect something similar in tone to the Starsky and Hutch remake.
  • The Six Million Dollar Man
  • This 70's TV series starting Lee Majors about a crippled test pilot, who is rebuilt with nuclear powered limbs and implants to serve as a unique intelligence agent, is set to make a reappearance with of all people Jim Carrey in the title role as Colonel Steve Austin!
  • Pink Panther
  • And now for another film that had no need to be remade! The 60's and 70's Peter Sellers films are a classic of British cinema. Even after a failed attempt to recreate the feel of the films with Son of the Pink Panther back in the 90's they are trying again! Why the American's need to destroy this in the same way they did with The Ladykillers is beyond me. Steve Martin is set to play Inspector Jacques Clouseau, with a supporting cast including Kevin Kline and Beyoncé Knowles, but after his dismal attempt to replace Phil Silver's in Sgt. Bilko a few years ago its unlikely he can live up to the standard of humour set by Peter Sellers either.
    More remake horrors to come soon...

    Article by Paul

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